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The Nanosat® Prestige 5 home theater system is a bouquet of entertainment elegance. Its small size, beautiful design and amazing performance make it the perfect audio solution for those who want high end sound without disrupting their décor.

Fantastically small, fantastically sounding–that's what our Nanosat® 5.1 home theater system is all about. In fact, it's your ticket to a sold out concert or movie premiere without having to leave the comforts of home.

The Uni–Theater® is a minimalist's dream. Perfect for flat–panel displays, this innovative home theater solution brings you three channels of sound–left, center and right–and a room full of high fidelity, 360º sound in one horizontal cabinet.

Not available in U.S. and Canada

Mirage engineered the new Nano 5.1 HGB to deliver an immense three dimensional soundstage from a petite and sophisticated home theater package.

Our smallest powered subwoofer to date, the MM-6 packs intense, full-bodied bass into a miniature 8-inch cube that fills your room with magnificent sound.

One of our smallest and most sophisticated subwoofers to date, the MM–8 packs rich, full–bodied bass into a miniature 9–inch cube that fills your room with breathtaking sound.

For truly immersive music and movie experiences at home, look no further than our Omni S10 subwoofer. Rather than just letting you hear a powerful kick drum, or rumbling earthquake, this hard–hitter lets you feel them!

A versatile marvel of modern engineering, the OS³–FS floorstander stretches the limits of home audio entertainment–with more accurate and precise sound reproduction than any other speaker in its class.

Powerful and sophisticated, our Prestige S10 flagship subwoofer is a breathtaking force that belts out tight, sweet–sounding bass for both music and movies.

Like the S10 version, the slightly smaller and more affordable Prestige S8 subwoofer packs a sophisticated punch, bringing rich, detailed bass performance to your music and movies.

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