The Mirage® brand has always been known throughout the audio industry as an innovator, continuously setting new standards in speaker design and performance. You'll find that Mirage is the only company founded on the principle that sound should be omnidirectional and completely immersive, rather than directional and "forced".

Our exclusive Omnipolar® technology distributes audio directly towards you, as well as reflects it off walls, ceilings and other surfaces. So, you get a completely immersive experience that permeates evenly throughout your listening environment. And your room is no longer a room—it's a jazz club, film house, amphitheatre or any place else your music and movies take you.  

Once you are in the Mirage sound, you'll never want to leave!

Worldwide Distribution
Klipsch Group, Inc. oversees business operations for the Energy®, Mirage®, Klipsch® and Jamo® speaker brands and distribution companies worldwide. This technology powerhouse is focused on leveraging its highly acclaimed product lines to offer a unique and powerful single supply source for its retailers, distributors and contractors globally.