Klipsch Corporate Identity Standards

Klipsch Group, Inc. is the holding company for the Klipsch ®, Jamo ®, Energy ® and Mirage ® brands and all corporately owned sales offices. Each brand, distribution company or sales office is referred to as Klipsch Group.

All product-related materials including packaging, publications, advertisements, marketing tools, video and online marketing should always include:

©2013 Klipsch Group, Inc.

The following information outlines the proper use of Mirage ® logos on marketing and promotional materials, signage, packaging, products and press releases. To maintain the strength of the Mirage ® brand and provide maximum clarity for consumers, the Mirage ® logo must be used in a consistent manner, as detailed in these guidelines. Mirage ® artwork can be used only by authorized distributors and dealers with a current, signed Agreement and Mirage-appointed suppliers.

To further ensure a more consistent approach to branding, instructions for proper tagline use, a point of contact to determine the proper use of current applicable Klipsch Group trademarks, media guidelines and information on the use of product photography are also included.

The Mirage ® Logo

The Mirage ® logo consists of the word MIRAGE set in specially designed type surrounded by arcs. The logo should never be recreated or altered in any way. Do not separate or rearrange the elements of the logo.

Authorized Corporate Logos

The following logos are available in 300 dpi jpgs at MirageSpeakers Photo Gallery/

Using the Mirage ® Logo

The Mirage ® logo may be used on any product-related communications, including advertising, POP/POS, web pages and printed collateral.


The ratio of height to width of the Mirage ® logo is 1:7.85 and must be used exactly in this proportion.

Minimum Size


Incorrect Usage

Color Application

The Mirage ® logo should be displayed in black, white or the official corporate color: PMS 2945 C (blue). A match, or separated color (four-color process) of PMS 2945 C is best represented with 100 C / 45 M / 0 Y / 14 K.

The corresponding RGB values for video and online use are: 0 / 105 / 170 (blue)

Proper applications of logo are as below (on white background and reversed out of black background):


Mirage ® Fonts



Please contact Jill Escol (jill.escol@klipsch.com) for correct use of Mirage ® trademarks. Marketing should approve all uses of Mirage ® trademarks.

Product Photography
High-resolution photographs of Mirage ® brand products are available for download by the media and by authorized Mirage dealers. They are located in the News Center at MirageSpeakers Photo Gallery/. The following caption should be used in conjunction with each photograph reproduction, "Image reproduction courtesy of Klipsch Group, Inc. ® 2013 Klipsch Group, Inc. All rights reserved."