The Science Behind the Mirage Sound

When it comes to speakers, the Mirage name is synonymous with immersive, 360° sound experiences. While traditional speakers focus on direct sound dispersion, our Omnipolar® products capture the impact of reflective sound.

When sound is created in real life—by a musical instrument for example—sound waves radiate in a 360° spherical pattern throughout the room. A large percentage of the sound is reflected by room boundaries before it reaches the listener. These reflected sound waves create rich and spacious sound that makes live performances unique and memorable.
Keeping this in mind, Mirage's top-notch engineers redefined what was thought possible in a speaker with the introduction of the Omniguide. Through use of this patented module (patent number #6,996,243), Mirage speakers are able to deliver 360° of sound just as nature intended.

The Omniguide module is a simple, ingenious design that distributes sound directly towards the listener, as well as reflects it off walls, ceilings and other surfaces, making the entire room the sweet spot. In other words, wherever you sit in the room, you?ll hear the same enveloping experiences.
Exclusive Mirage Technologies

Omnipolar® Sound
Our Omnipolar approach to speaker design brings unprecedented performance to a variety of product sizes and room positions. This 360° sound philosophy works with your room, rather than against it, to create the proper proportion of direct and reflected sound. Being Omnipolar means our speakers embrace and optimize reflections; offer excellent imaging, width and depth; and perform optimally regardless of where they are placed in a room. In other words, they take full advantage of the fact they cannot be separated from your room. You get a completely immersive experience that permeates evenly throughout your entire listening environment.

Omniguide Technology
Our patented Omniguide module (patent #6,996,243), also the heart of Omnipolar sound, is an ingenious design that involves two deflectors. While one small deflector rests on top of the speaker's tweeter, the tweeter itself is housed in a larger deflector, suspended over the midrange or woofer, depending on the design. The module disperses sound the way the ear and brain are accustomed to receiving it. Thirty percent of what our speakers deliver is direct sound. The other seventy percent is sound reflected off walls, ceilings, floors and other surfaces for a completely immersive, 360° experience. So, no matter where you sit, the enveloping sound follows.

Ribbed Elliptical Surround Technology
Our patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround technology (U.S. patent #6,725,967, Canadian patent #2,407,123) increases excursion, eliminates distortion and raises efficiency on our woofers and subwoofers. The Elliptical Surround encompasses the cone, allowing it to move identically in both directions, resulting in near zero distortion. And while conventional designs are often plagued with surround dimpling, which causes them to radiate in and out of phase and distort at all listening levels, our designs aren't influenced by dimpling at all. Our proprietary Ribbed Elliptical Surrounds allow for a larger cone surface, resulting in greater efficiency. This design also lets the cone achieve greater peak to peak movement, thus allowing it to travel more than double the distance of the competition. These attributes enable our woofers and subwoofers to move incredible amounts of air, ultimately allowing them to play lower frequencies with greater bass extension and fidelity.