Product Lines

From floorstanders to satellites, and from in-ceiling designs to outdoor speakers, the Mirage brand manufactures a wide variety of sophisticated, sonically immersive audio products that feature exclusive Omnipolar® 360° sound dispersion technology. 

OM Design Series

Magnificent in every way, the flagship OM Design Series not only represents the world's first high-end Omnipolar speaker lineup, it's also the pinnacle of the Mirage brand's style and immersive, 360° sound. Combining exquisite cabinetry with the patented Omniguide module, this entire series creates incredibly natural, lifelike sound, guaranteeing incomparable music and movie experiences every time you push play.

Omnisat® Series

The sleek and slim Omnisat Series is a marvel of modern design and versatility. Meant to take up as little floor space as possible, this lineup stretches the limits of home audio entertainment—with more accurate and precise sound reproduction than any other speakers in their class.   


The Uni-Theater is a minimalist's dream. Perfect for flat-panel displays, this innovative home theater solution brings you three channels of sound—left, center and right—and a room full of high fidelity, 360° sound in one horizontal cabinet.

MX Home Theater System

Offering "Minimum Exposure and Maximum Excitement," the MX home theater system delivers big, immersive sound from our smallest set of speakers yet. Consisting of five itty bitty speakers and a miniature subwoofer cube finished in high-gloss black, the MX is a sophisticated surround sound system that perfectly demonstrates what?s possible using all of today?s incredible technologies. In fact, its extremely high-performance drivers and components will blow you away, so hold on tight.     


With its sophisticated looks and engaging personality, the Nanosat® Series is everything you could ever want in a space-saving speaker family. Each model within the line delivers immense music and movie performances from tiny, contemporary cabinets that blend in unobtrusively with almost any décor—and lifestyle. 


Mirage's legendary subwoofers combine hard-hitting performance with sophisticated style to beautifully bring your music and movies to life, and perhaps generate a few goose bumps, too. Each subwoofer features patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround technology to increase excursion, eliminate distortion and raise efficiency.

Omnican Series

The Omnican Series fills your environment with music, not audio equipment. Designed with performance, style and versatility in mind, this in-ceiling speaker lineup delivers immersive sound from a package that seamlessly blends in with your living space—indoors our out.