OMD-28-5.1 Home Theater System
Components available exclusively at Vanns
  • (2) OMD-28 Front LR

  • (1) OMD-C2 Center
  • (2) OMD-Rs Surrounds
  • (1) Prestige S10 Subwoofer
  • Models sold separately

Great for larger rooms, our flagship OMD-28 home theater system looks beautiful and totally immerses you, taking you to a happy place—whether it's onstage with your favorite musician, or on the set of a beloved film.

Magnificent in every way, our recommended OMD-28 speaker system is a timeless statement piece, equally combining pure luxury and pure sound performance. Sure, it resembles art, but it does more than just sit there looking pretty—it
envelops you in genuine audio bliss.

Alternate component choices:

  • Flush mount surrounds: OC-65


Surround Speaker

Floorstanding Speaker

Prestige S10