Mirage® Refines its Popular Omnican Series

Next Generation of Omnipolar® in-ceiling speakers better than ever

Mirage® Refines its Popular Omnican Series

TORONTO, ON (May 7, 2008) — In late June, Mirage will begin shipping its new generation of Omnican in-ceiling speakers. Designed with performance, style and versatility in mind, the latest OC-65, OC-55 and OC-45 offer several improvements over the original Omnican 5 and 6 models they replace.    

According to Martin Tustin-Fuchs, Mirage product manager, when the Omnican 5 and 6 launched three years ago, they were the first in-ceiling speakers that could truly create sound in a perfect 360-degree pattern. The new Omnican models build upon that heritage with advanced cosmetics, including weather resistant enclosures, and performance. 

"Incorporating over 30 years of research and development experience in the high-end audio segment, the OC-65, OC-55 and OC-45 utilize several proprietary technologies, making them the most spacious-sounding in-ceiling speakers on the market," said Tustin-Fuchs. "In fact, I consider them the most unique architectural products around, especially because they can be installed indoors or out." 

All three models feature polypropylene titanium deposit hybrid woofers with patented Ribbed Elliptical Surround technology. This exclusive design eliminates distortion, enabling the speakers to play lower with greater output and fidelity. 

While the OC-65, OC-55 and OC-45 employ 6.5-inch, 5.5-inch and 4.5-inch woofers respectively, they all utilize a 1-inch pure titanium hybrid tweeter mounted in the company's patented Omniguide design. The rotating Omniguide module generates a natural 360-degree sound stage and provides increased placement flexibility due to its uniform dispersion characteristics. The Omniguide module hangs slightly below the ceiling to maximize the benefits of Omniguide technology, which evenly fills large areas with enveloping sound. 

With their 360-degree sound dispersion, these in-ceiling speakers are ideal for complete multi-channel dedicated home theater systems. The Omnican's uniform sound dispersion allows for perfect blending when combined with a Mirage subwoofer placed on the floor. Additionally, the Omnican series is voiced to match the company's Nanosat® Prestige, Omnisat® v2 and OMD-5 speakers, allowing for a variety of mix-and-match systems.

"Omnican speakers are the perfect choice for complete in-ceiling home theaters—which is a growing market segment. They deliver what is impossible to achieve in conventional in-ceiling designs," said Tustin-Fuchs. 

The OC-65, OC-55 and OC-45 have paintable, low-profile grilles, making them great for unobtrusive installations. Furthermore, each speaker?s weather-resistant construction provides whole-house audio performance, including high humidity areas such as bathrooms and outdoor applications; included back-boxes ensure uniform tonal balance. These back boxes are also removable for space-restricted installations.     

The latest Omnican models are packaged individually and are sold through the residential contracting market as well as authorized Mirage retailers. U.S. MSRP pricing is as follows: $175 for each OC-45, $250 for each OC-55 and $375 for each OC-65.

About Mirage®

Established in 1977, Mirage® is known throughout the audio industry as an innovator, continuously setting new standards in speaker design and performance. The company has built its reputation around a different class of listener—one that wants to be completely immersed in sound. Unlike directional speakers, Mirage products are Omnipolar®, delivering the same direct-to-reflected sound ratio as a live event. Audiences don't notice where the sound is coming from; they just know they're enveloped in their favorite music and movies. Owned by Klipsch Group, Inc., Mirage is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.



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