Mirage® Unveils New Brand Identity

Speaker company looks to connect, or reconnect in deeper ways with customers

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (July 21, 2008) — To better illustrate its current position within the consumer electronics market as well as define its intentions to meet future customer needs,  Mirage® speakers is adopting a fresh look and brand strategy, starting with a new logo and web site that launch next month. 

"For Mirage, the time was right; we're rolling out exciting products this fall and appealing to new audiences," said Jill Escol, Mirage marketing manager.Our logo and web site have been redesigned to reach out to those who don't yet know the Mirage name, while demonstrating our enthusiasm and our revitalization to those who already do.

Immersive, 360-degree Omnipolar® sound is at the core of the Mirage philosophy and reflected in the technologies the brand develops. The new logo, enclosed in its gentle arcs, fully embodies that concept. Its look is clean and contemporary, like the products on which it appears.

The web site will also exude modern appeal, focusing on how Mirage speakers benefit and blend with your lifestyle. Also, many of the site?s functions have been streamlined, so that visitors have quick and easy access to the information they need to make solid purchase decisions. 

"The previous logo and web site served us well; these updates are forward looking, in keeping with the ambitious plans we have to increase global recognition of the Mirage name and to reinforce our brand promises," said Escol. "We're dedicated to delivering the highest performing lifestyle-oriented speakers on the market; offering the most enveloping sound and realistic reproduction of recordings possible, at any given price point."

In the upcoming months, Mirage will launch several innovative products, including the brand's smallest 5.1 home theater systemever, a series of small, high powered mini subwoofers, as well as a new generation of the sleek and slender Omnisat® speaker line and a refresh of the popular Nanosat® 5.1 system.

The Mirage legacy began in Canada in 1977 when a small group of devout audiophiles made it their mission to develop a speaker that could deliver a soundstage so natural, it would "virtually" disappear into the room. Audiences would forget they were listening to a product and feel as if they were experiencing a live event. And, ever since then, Mirage has passionately built upon that heritage. In fact, it is the only speaker brand founded on the principle that sound should be Omnipolar, or completely immersive, rather than directional.

"We understand how people listen," said Escol. "Mirage never forces their sound on a listener, but rather envelops them."

About Mirage®

Established in 1977, Mirage® is known throughout the audio industry as an innovator, continuously setting new standards in speaker design and performance. The company has built its reputation around a different class of listener—one that wants to be completely immersed in sound. Unlike directional speakers, Mirage products are Omnipolar®, delivering the same direct-to-reflected sound ratio as a live event. Audiences don't notice where the sound is coming from; they just know they're enveloped in their favorite music and movies. Owned by Klipsch Group, Inc., Mirage is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.




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