Uni-Theater® 3-in-1 Flat Panel Speaker
The Uni–Theater® is a minimalist's dream. Perfect for flat–panel displays, this innovative home theater solution brings you three channels of sound–left, center and right–and a room full of high fidelity, 360 sound in one horizontal cabinet.
  • Independent left, center and right speakers housed in one ingenious design

  • Lifestyle and flat-panel friendly design, with refreshingly crisp sonic character
  • Modern, unobtrusive cabinet available in brushed aluminum black
  • Each chamber has a 3-inch woofer, dual 3-inch passive radiators and a 0.75-inch tweeter
  • Boundary compensation switch adjusts low-frequency response for wall or stand mounting

A One-Stop Shop for Audio

Easier than buying separate audio components, our Uni-Theater? puts three speakers—left, center and right channels—into one sleek cabinet, making it a no muss, no fuss purchase decision. Better yet, it captures the best of both worlds by looking great and not sounding like a lifestyle-friendly speaker at all.

Featuring high quality materials and exclusive technology, the Uni-Theater easily lets you enjoy immersive 360º music and movie performances from anywhere in your room. It handles front and rear sound distribution, while also conveying surround effects. It's everything you need in one fell swoop, and it's available in brushed aluminum black. And, while it complements flat-panel televisions perfectly, it also fits seamlessly into your room.

The Uni-Theater also offers placement ease. It comes with a flush-mountable wall bracket, allowing the speaker to protrude only as far as a standard flat-panel display. But if wall mounting isn't in the cards, the Uni-Theater also includes a plate-glass and metal table stand that makes the speaker appear as if it's "floating" above the base. A two-position boundary compensation switch on the back of the unit adjusts low-frequency response, allowing for unbeatable performances on or off the wall.

All in all, the Uni-Theater home audio solution single-handedly holds its own against many trios. Because we've managed to masterfully position three speaker channels into one horizontal cabinet that can handle both front and surround duties, this speaker is a minimalist's dream. For those who don't mind adding another speaker to the mix, you can pair the Uni-Theater with one of our subwoofers to round out the low end of the home theater experience.

3-in-1 Sound DNA

Performing as an integrated LCR speaker, the Uni-Theater is an incredibly flexible and incredibly powerful design. After just one listen, you'll discover its scale resembles that of being in a large auditorium or live concert arena.

A two-way design, the speaker's extruded aluminum enclosure is divided into three independent chambers. Each chamber houses an active 3-inch woofer, two passive 3-inch polypropylene titanium deposit hybrid radiators and a 0.75-inch pure titanium hybrid tweeter. Each tweeter is mounted in our patented Omniguide module, allowing the speaker to work with your room, rather than against it. This module recreates the proper proportion of direct and reflected sound, so you can hear the most lifelike performances throughout your entire room. The two Omniguide modules that coincide with the left and right channels are slightly angled in order to reflect the sound to the side walls, resulting in a large and spacious soundstage.

While the Uni-Theater's main use is for home theater applications, it also creates dynamic 2-channel presentations. In addition, a second Uni-Theater mounted on the rear wall can create an astounding 6.1 home theater system with only two speakers and a subwoofer.

System Type    2-way Magnetically shielded integrated L/C/R system with patented Omnipolar array
Impedance    4 Ohms minimum , 8 Ohms
Power Handling    100 Watts
Weight (Kg/lb)    18 lbs. / 8,165 kg
Inputs    High Quality 5-way Binding Posts
Tweeter    3/4" PTH tweeter per channel
Product Finish    Brushed Aluminum Black
Frequency Response (Hz, +/-3dB)    80 to 20kHz(+/- 3dB)
Room Efficiency    88dB
Part Number    13911
Midrange    Two 3" Titanium deposit hybrid passive radiator per channel; 3" Titanium Deposit Hybrid Woofer per channel
Overall Dimensions (mm/in, HxWxD)    W - 36.7" / 93,22 cm, H - 5.2" / 13,21 cm (6.25" with glass base), D - 4.6" / 11,68 cm
Amplifier Power Output    10 to 100 Watts
Crossover Point    2,7kHz
UPC    629303-13911-0