Nanosat® Prestige 5.1 Home Theater System
Perfect for smaller spaces, our Nanosat™ Prestige speaker setup is everything you could ever want in a home theater system. It delivers immense music and movie performances from tiny cabinets that blend in beautifully with your living environment.
  • (4) Nanosat Prestiges Front LR, Surrounds

  • (1) Nano CC Center
  • (1) Prestige S8 Subwoofer
  • Models sold separately

The recommended Nanosat Prestige speaker system, available in a high-gloss black, white or rosewood finish, is a bouquet of entertainment elegance. Its small size, beautiful design and amazing performance make it the perfect audio solution for those who want high end sound without drowning out their décor. 

Alternate component choices:

  • Flush mount surrounds: OC-45s
  • Center: Nanosat Prestige
  • Surrounds: Nanosats
  • Subwoofer: MM-6, MM-8 or Omni S8


Nano CC
Center Speaker

Nanosat® Prestige
Bookshelf Speaker

Prestige S8